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Hand Painted Ceramic Foxes & Hunting Scenes Art

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Fox Mask Hunting Flower Vase
Fox Mask - Elegant Flower Vase

Fox Hunt Wine Cooler or Vase - 11"


Fox Hunt Cape Cod Table - 17" x 24" tall


Fox Hunt Step Stool - 11" x 8" tall


Fox Hunt Dancing Fox Tea Pot - 11"




Fox Hunt Heart Christmas Ornament


Fox Hunt Round Christmas Ornament


Fox Hunt Vase - 12" high

Fox Hunt Platter

(11"x16" or 12"x8")


Fox Hunt Large Mug

(showing front and back)


(18" x 16" or 18" x 24")

Fox Hunt Stemless Glass




(12" or 15")



(7.8", 10", 11" or 13.75")

(8", 10" or 12")

Fox Mask - Very Large Square Tray
Fox Mask - Large Square Tray



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